Corporate Performance and Improvement Plan 2023 - 24 (Draft for Consultation)

Closed 5 May 2023

Opened 6 Feb 2023


We are pleased to introduce our Corporate Performance and Improvement Plan for 2023-24 detailing our commitments to our residents and businesses and would value your feedback on this draft version.

As we approach a new Council Term, we are in the process of reviewing our Corporate Strategy and will continue to align this with our Community Plan.

We also continue to be committed to ongoing improvements and recognise that this requires us to find new ways of working that improve the quality of life for our residents.

The Corporate Performance and Improvement Plan sets out six Performance Improvement targets for 2023 - 24, alongside a range of Corporate Performance Indicators.

During this twelve-week consultation period we would like you to provide us with your opinion on the priorities which we have identified in this Plan.

The closing date is 09:00am on Monday 1st May 2023.

If you would like a hardcopy, an alternative format or further information please contact:

Allen Templeton (Performance Improvement Officer) on T.02894481347 or by email E.