Corporate Plan 2024-2030 Consultation

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Closes 26 May 2024


1. Introduction

This Plan has been updated for the period 2024-2030 and builds on the work of the Council. It maintains our commitment to become a progressive and prosperous Borough and we will continue to be inspired and driven by the ambition of our people to make this a reality.

Our Civic Leaders are the driving force behind the ambitions set out in this Plan. They have agreed aspirational targets that challenge us to make a difference; either by doing things directly ourselves or trying to influence change on a wider scale. Working with our partners and stakeholders we have a very real opportunity to make positive changes.

We have listened to your feedback and will continue to work hard to ‘Deliver for Business’ and promote and drive a vibrant and prosperous economy. We will strive to improve our environment and become an award winning Botanical Borough. 

We will continue to empower and engage local communities, improve the lifestyles of our residents and use new and innovative ways to connect with and listen to our residents to ensure we are making a positive difference to their lives.

We need to keep delivering good quality services, always aspiring to be recognised for excellence. We will continue to drive a culture of high performance, and ensure the highest standards of governance.

Through our resilient and reliable leadership, our staff, ratepayers,  customers, partners and stakeholders we will build on the sense of pride we have in this remarkable place and positively promote the Borough as an exceptional place to work, live, visit and invest.

The success of the Borough depends on us all working together we will continue to endeavour to work in partnership and with local communities to achieve the best for the people of Antrim and Newtownabbey.