Closed 18 Oct 2019

Opened 23 Jul 2019


Have your say - Recycling Service Review

We are keen to have your views on proposals to have the same recycling service across the Borough to ensure that all residents receive the same high quality recycling collection service.

Since the new council was established there have been two different systems in place.  In the Newtownabbey area residents have a smaller black bin (180 litre), a brown bin and a wheelie box.  The two bins are collected fortnightly and the wheelie box is collected weekly.

In the Antrim area residents have a larger black bin (240 litre), a blue bin and a brown bin.  Residents in Antrim do not currently have the facility to recycle glass, textiles and batteries from home.  All bins in the Antrim area are collected fortnightly.

We propose to improve the service in the Antrim area by introducing glass, textile and battery collections weekly through the introduction of wheelie boxes.  This is in addition to the paper, cardboard, food and drink cans, plastic pots/tubs and trays that are currently collected in the blue bins.  The wheelie boxes will replace the blue bins and because they have greater capacity to recycle (25% more), we will also provide residents with a new smaller streamlined black bin (180 litre).

There will be no change to the collection of food and garden waste (brown bins) for any resident.

The new wheelie box will also improve quality of materials collected.  Better quality materials are currently processed locally retaining jobs in Northern Ireland preventing our waste from being shipped around the world as has recently been highlighted in some media coverage.  Better quality recycling materials generate more income from resale - particularly paper and plastics.  In addition, this type of collection service will virtually eliminate contamination in the collection of recyclables which means Council will landfill less waste originally collected for recycling.

In addition, significant savings are expected to be made.  These savings are estimated to be £6 million over 10 years.

We would reassure you that if the proposals go ahead there will be no compulsory redundancies for council staff and no imposed TUPE transfers to another organisation.


Why your views matter

We are seeking your feedback in relation to the introduction of glass, textile and battery recycling from home in the Antrim area.